Now With More Community!



It has been a while since the last post as time was needed to gain perspective on what is most important to GreenUp! Solutions.  That was easy!  Community is most important, one that helps improve your lifestyle and environment, while saving money.  Community offers an outlet for meeting new and old friends, sharing and learning useful knowledge and gaining new skills.  You are cordially invited to be part of the GreenUp! community, on and offline, as we expand upon our skill set to share and learn with everyone:

Learn and share new skills with us and let’s grow our community.  Speaking of growing, here are photos of the new community GreenUp! Garden plot.  We salvaged the strawberries that came with the plot, seeded and transplanted aloe vera, lettuce, kale, cilantro, chives, cabbage, leeks and broccoli.  This is just the beginning.


– GreenUp! Guy

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