St. Patty’s Day Is Green For All


It’s the “GREENEST” DAY OF THE YEAR”, well let’s make it that way. Why do we have to wait for Earth Day?!

My friend in Grand Forks just told me it was a balmy -2 degrees in North Dakota; no one really minds that kind of weather or maybe they know it’s just how it is there.  I’m here all bundled up in front of my fire in this 50 degree weather.  I guess that is what you call perspective.

To drink Green Beer OR Not to drink Green Beer / Organic Beer? OR you could be awesome, like my friends Cathy and Tyler, who made:

Guinness lamb, carrot, celery, onion, bay, leaves and red wine stew

That simmered while we skied our hearts out! Going back to North Dakota, a place that is very Green – who ‘da thunk it!


Top 5 Green Things To Do in North Dakota:
1) Organic scrub – Patrick Anderson, a licensed massage therapist, had me at ‘organic’ when he said ‘organic’ body scrub at The Anderson Holistic Health & Healing Spa.
2) Vegetarian soup and yummy non-caffeine chai tea lattes at the Coffee Company
3) All natural ingredients at Dakota Harvest Bakers
4) 57 miles of greenway bike and running path throughout the city
5) Discounted Yoga for climbing members at the N. Horizons Rock Gym in GF. Check it out if you are ever in that neighborhood

Bonus Grand Forks Attraction:  You gotta go to GF just to shake hands with the now famous journalist, Marilyn Hagerty!  Read her now famous (viral) Olive Garden Review for the ‘Grand Forks Herald’.

– Composting Chick


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