Our Gardens Are Our Families

I remember my mother in the garden. On those hot, heavy east coast summer days, she’d be out in the lilies. Or pulling bittersweet while we capered about, pretending it was some dragon plant trying to capture us. We helped by dumping its hot orange roots over the bluff. Or at home, in Los Angeles, where she grew roses in wooden barrels till they were tall enough to peek into second story windows.

Tricky Food

Monique (AKA Moniquecooks around here) is the best so I went to her class. She was specializing in cauliflower. Like any mom, I am always trying to figure out how to get my family (read: husband) to eat more things. But I had some reservations. I have to admit (sorry Monique) that I am uncomfortable […]

Remembering Memorial Day

Remembering to Buy Local, Treat All Others with Kindness (especially your enemies) and Above All Be Green!!
As I type this I’m flying home from a very soul enlightening journey that I had in Nepal and Thailand.  It was the best sabbatical that I have ever been involved in.  It taught me that those with the fewest possessions can be the happiest and engaging people to talk with.  And I learned how to harness all of Nature’s great resources to bring light and power to the remotest parts of the world; to bring heat where there are no trees or oil or coal; and to bring food to some of the highest and coldest villages in all the world. Well in honor of learning so much from these wonderful people in faraway lands, I am encouraged to give back to some businesses a little closer to my home.