Remembering Memorial Day

Remembering to Buy Local, Treat All Others with Kindness (especially your enemies) and Above All Be Green!!
cc1As I type this I’m flying home from a very soul enlightening journey that I had in Nepal and Thailand.  It was the best sabbatical that I have ever been involved in.  It taught me that those with the fewest possessions can be the happiest and engaging people to talk with.  And I learned how to harness all of Nature’s great resources to bring light and power to the remotest parts of the world; to bring heat where there are no trees or oil or coal; and to bring food to some of the highest and coldest villages in all the world. Well in honor of learning so much from these wonderful people in faraway lands, I am encouraged to give back to some businesses a little closer to my home.

My Los Angeles “Greenest and most Local-est Businesses”

1) The Los Angeles Brewing Company has delicious house-brewed beers from their on site brewery in Agoura Hills, CA and offers tasty dishes that change with the seasons.  You can enjoy the outdoor patio for your post bike ride pleasure.  Check out the Polenta Fries as they are da bomb!

2) Susan Feniger’s STREET restaurant focuses on working with sustainable fisheries, local family farms, sustainably guided ranches and direct trade beverage companies.  All the things we want in a great, environmentally-friendly restaurant.  Check out their Happy Hour from 5-7pm Monday-Friday!

3) Dr. Richard Cimadoro of Bodyfix is revolutionizing the tri-athletes of today, the serious cyclists of our generation and any athlete of any generation for that matter.  Go Dr. Rich!!   Check out Dr. Rich’s Happy Hour Events Every Monday 3pm-6pm for some great deals on getting your body back into the right shape it needs to be in.

4) Sojourn in Santa Monica is women’s shelter for battered women and their children.  If you are going to donate your clothes and such to goodwill; Perhaps consider dropping your items off at your local women’s shelter instead. Your belongings can make a difference in some woman’s life, whether it is nice clothes that can be used for interviews, baby clothes and equipment that she could not afford to buy on her own, etc. Make a difference, Do Good and Good will come to you!

5) Biodiesel Co-op of Los Angeles I found at the Los Angeles Green Expo ’12. Check them out and turn your diesel car into a bio-diesel, green-ified driving machine!

6) Green start-up companies are coming to LA town in full force. GreenUp! Solutions is a great website that helps you navigate the green world and provides a green community to which you can ask questions, participate, and learn how to build your own garden, for example.

One Last Summary Note: Since it is the start of summer and a ton of us will be spending more time outdoors to soak up the sun and the sunsets all across the country and worldwide.  Here are a some mosquito fighting plants to keep around your home:

1) Citronella

2) Horsemint

3) Marigolds

4) Ageratum

5) Catnip

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