Kids Garden Starter Kit For All Ages

IMG_0099The other day my hairdresser asked, “Did you know all baby carrots, even organic, are washed in chlorine?” After some research, I found a balanced account of the baby carrot controversy. Bottom line: I’d rather grow my own.

Kids, especially seem attracted to the “baby” in baby carrots. What’s cuter than a bag or day-glow orange stubs? Picking your own carrot from the ground. Without pesticides and factory farming, home-grown carrots are petite and most tasty when picked young.

But even with my community garden and backyard container garden, carrot planting can seem daunting. That’s when I remind myself to start small with one positive action, “You just have to plant a seed”, I say. Literally.

seedsofchangeWhether you’re a little one or have little experience in the garden, start small and see the benefit of your (sweat-free) labor right away.  I picked up Seeds of Change Kids Garden Starter Kit at Fresh and Easy. You can also order it on Amazon.

The kit contains everything you need to grow carrots and lettuce from seeds. No ammending the soil, mulching, or composting here, folks. Just follow the directions (1-2-3) and place your babies in a sunny windowsill. Remember, to check for moisture levels every couple of days or so, and voila! Your own baby garden!

The kit even contains instructions for transfering your seedlings to pots. When we get to that stage, we’l walk you through the container transfer. Everyone can have their own garden, easy-peasy!


Stay tuned for a  blog post with our first sprouts, and then I’ll take you step-by-step as we transfer our seedlings  to containers.

Happy planting,


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