Impress With Letterpress


Here are my fully compostable letterpress business cards. Yes, the back side of  the card actually feels like wood, minus the splinters.  I have received many more compliments on the feel than one would expect from a “plain old” business card. I do have to admit, these cards are pretty special for many reasons. They were hand-crafted by a member of the GreenUp! Community, who launched his greeting card company, Life Is Funny Press about 3 years ago, but is now doing letterpress printing full time! So are there lessons learned from the “antique” letterpress process? Taking modern technology out of the equation yields a more personal feel with the human magic touch. But of course, GreenUp! Guy wants to know…

  • Cards are printed on 100% FSC-certified recycled stock
  • Cards are compostable (not biodegradable) though please don’t throw away my beautiful cards.
  • The inks used (on all Life Is Funny Press pieces) are soy, and were mixed by hand to achieve the specific colors needed for each custom piece.
  • Letterpress uses less ink compared to more contemporary forms of printing, which is green in of itself.
  • The amount of power used to run the press is significantly lower than bigger presses and digital printers.

  • Aside from the greener aspects of letterpress, the other things that make it “better” are mostly opinion.
  • Because it’s the original form of printing, invented in 15th.
  • It was the only/main form of printing into the 20th technologies made printing more cost effective.
  • The problem with this is that letterpress, where the form (artwork) is actually pressed into the paper, for an effect you can feel, is unachievable using new technology.
  • Having hand-crafted things, in my opinion, make for a better community.  The maker takes pride in making, and the customer in turn takes pride in sharing what they had made, and feel more personally attached to it.
  • The detail-oriented process of creating a printed piece of letterpress, from the mixing of the ink, to printing each color one at a time, makes the process a bit more expensive than contemporary printing, but creates a one-of-a-kind piece of printing.


Life Is Funny’s letterpress shown above is an antique Heidelberg Windmill from the 1940’s.

Look for upcoming posts where we will explore the greeting card and invitation side of this operation.  You can find Life Is Funny Press on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etsy Store and the official page on the world wide web at Lifeisfunnypress.comCheck out the New Year’s special below for your very own set of letterpress business cards.



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