How To Pick A Container

You can grow plants in almost any container.  Here is how to identify a good container for growing:


Depth is more important than diameter (or width if you are working with a square/rectangle) to help roots grow larger which should increase yield.  These numbers are minimum so an extra 2 inches in depth could make a big difference.  Here is a guide to how deep your container needs to be to grow specific vegetables.


Holes at the bottom for drainage.  You can add these to most containers using a screw driver, drill, knife or other pointy sharp object.


Terra-cotta allows air and moisture to penetrate the sides.  This is helpful if you are an over-waterer.


Plastic is lightweight and can often be found in recycled form.  The lighter the color will reflect the heat, while darker colors will absorb the heat.


Wood is the best insulator from the elements such as:


Look around the house and get creative, re-use and recycle to avoid spending any $$ on a container.


– GreenUp! Guy

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