All Dirt Is Not Created Equal

Gardening in containers has so many advantages:

  • Minimal space needed
  • Little to no weeds
  • Full control over soil composition
  • Portable garden, move to more/less sunny space
  • Less back pain than gardening in the ground
  • Disease doesn’t spread to plants via ground soil

Now that you have picked out your container for growing let’s get some potting soil in there.  Warning, don’t go the free route using ground soil as it may harbor disease or fungus, it is heavy and slow to drain.   So why is potting soil so great for containers?

  • Mixed specifically for growing in containers
  • Sterilized
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Drains quickly
  • Light weight

A good potting mix is fluffy, holds moisture, and gives the roots a great balance of air, moisture and nutrition to anchor. Here are my two favorite potting soils.

E.B. Stone is widely available, check for nurseries that carry this brand near you.  I buy from Armstrong Garden Center because it is a co-op and employee owned.


LGM is a local distributor in the Los Angeles area and available in smaller, non-chain nurseries such as Hashimoto Nursery in West Los Angeles.  If you are in the area, give LGM a call to find out where their soil is available near you (626.448.8042).  Sorry to be local on this recommendation but I need to spread the word about this great product.

Save some dollars by making your own potting soil.  Here is a super simple three ingredient recipe, watch how it’s made.  Interested in mixes with more ingredients, here are potting soil recipes from Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

You are now one step closer to planting, who’s excited!

– GreenUp! Guy

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