Laundry Scents

rosemaryLaundry is supposed to smell good or what is the point of cleaning your clothes?  But did you know some of the scents used in the traditional big box laundry products are actually toxic?  That means it is time to start making natural laundry products with pleasant scents minus the toxins.

Here are some recipes to wash those toxins right out of your laundry:

Rosemary powdered laundry soap

Ingredients: 1 cup borax, 1 cup washing soda, 50 drops rosemary essential oil, 2 cups powered castile soap

Directions: Turn castile soap into powder: first grate bar using a cheese grater, then pulverize in a food processor.  Mix together and store in air-tight container

Lavender fabric softener sprayeucalyptus-leaf-bsp

Ingredients: 2 cups vinegar, 3 tsp lavender essential oil

Directions: Mix together in a spray bottle, spray clothing before drying

Eucalyptus dryer cloth

Ingredients: 2 cups vinegar, 20-40 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, dryer cloths: old dish clothes or t-shirts cut into squares

Directions: Add all the wet ingredient to a large container that has a lid. Cover and shake to mix ingredients. Add dryer cloths and shake again to wet cloths thoroughly. Add one wet cloth to dryer full of wet laundry. When laundry is done return cloth to tub to use again. cloth

Best of all, rosemary is good for your memory, lavender is relaxing and aids with sleep and

Happy laundering of your clothes – GreenUp! Guy

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