Remembering Memorial Day

Remembering to Buy Local, Treat All Others with Kindness (especially your enemies) and Above All Be Green!!
As I type this I’m flying home from a very soul enlightening journey that I had in Nepal and Thailand.  It was the best sabbatical that I have ever been involved in.  It taught me that those with the fewest possessions can be the happiest and engaging people to talk with.  And I learned how to harness all of Nature’s great resources to bring light and power to the remotest parts of the world; to bring heat where there are no trees or oil or coal; and to bring food to some of the highest and coldest villages in all the world. Well in honor of learning so much from these wonderful people in faraway lands, I am encouraged to give back to some businesses a little closer to my home.

St. Patty’s Day Is Green For All


It’s the “GREENEST” DAY OF THE YEAR”, well let’s make it that way. Why do we have to wait for Earth Day?!

My friend in Grand Forks just told me it was a balmy -2 degrees in North Dakota; no one really minds that kind of weather or maybe they know it’s just how it is there.  I’m here all bundled up in front of my fire in this 50 degree weather.  I guess that is what you call perspective.

To drink Green Beer OR Not to drink Green Beer / Organic Beer?

Reduce Before You Reuse


Summer is a very special season when families take long vacations together to their favorite places, when families take time to play more (even adults!), and when parents teach their kids all the benefits of eating in the season and maybe even do a bit of gardening together.  I feel like summer is a worldwide celebration of all things green, after all the snow has melted in the mountains, and the rivers are high and some of those May flowers are now producing fruit.  I hope you all will visit your local farmers markets with your children, like I plan to do with my nephews and niece this summer.

Chickens and Compost and Mothers Oh My!

It is never too early for a Mom to teach their child about compostingHAPPY ALMOST MOTHER’S DAY!  Composting Chick here, and I want to send a shout out to all of the wonderful mothers out there.  You know who you are.  Mother’s Day may not seem green, but it is a worldwide celebration of all things Mom, just keep reading you are sure to find lots of green elements. 

My very own Mother has surprised me in how much she loves me.  She has a love for her sons and daughters that is unbelievable and I’m so fortunate to be a part of it.  Here is an email from her when I told her I was starting my own blog about composting (she loves her capital letters, by the way. haha!):