Toy Story 1,2,3 to Infinity

Now that Grey Thursday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over with, let’s talk real money savings.  As an aspiring parent, I have to give props to all you out there raising children.  I calculated how much it is to raise a child from birth to 18 and it ranged from $410,000 to $530,000 dependent upon specific factors including location and whether upper education is being paid by the parent.  With food, energy and general living costs on the up-and-up, finding new/old ways to bring down expenses is welcome with open arms.

Marinara Pasta with White Beans & Broccoli Sprouts

By Monique Escamilla:

I am constantly masterminding new ways to slip nutritional superfoods into my 2-year old’s meals. He’s a snacker / grazer by nature. A sandwich just seems to get in the way of his domination of all rocks, dirt, sand, and four-wheeled objects. Normally if it can’t fit into his snack cup or fist, he can’t be persuaded to eat it. One thing that plants his booty in front of the table is pasta.

Sleeping with the Enemy: Flame Retardants

By GreenUp! Community Blogger: Dori

Federal law FR1633 requires that all mattresses sold in the U.S. include flame retardants. Most companies use Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) as the flame retardant in their mattresses.

According to the Environmental Working Group, PBDE exposure through inhalation/ingestion of fumes and small particles is linked to numerous health problems: decreased development of reproductive systems in children, deficits in motor skills, learning, memory and hearing, as well as changes in behavior.

Remembering your roots revisited

Yesterday GreenUp! Solutions held a mixer, we called it an “Eat ‘n Greet” and the location was overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica just at the top of the Santa Monica Canyon.  It was a beautiful 70 degree sunny day with a few clouds floating by every once in a while, just in case you were interested.  The purpose of the event was to start building a community of ideas and skills in which we can share and learn to make our life and environment better.

Join the GreenUp! Community, Eat ‘n Greet mixer in Santa Monica Sunday, July 10th

Economic news is consistently “weaker than expected”, food and energy prices continue their ascent, genetically modified (GMO) ingredients sneak into organic products. No doubt we are living in unsettling times and the light at the end of the tunnel seems to get further and further away. The good news is you have a community that wants to share and learn ways to make your life and environment better. Cooking, cleaning, commuting, gardening, conserving resources and saving money is just the tip of the topic iceberg.

This event is for you if you want to:

* take control of your environment
* produce more and use less
* share your skills with others
* grow your own food
* support your local economy
* save money
* learn new things in a fun & caring environment

The Grass Is Always Greener in Your Own Garden

By GreenUp! Community Blogger Monique

The other day my friend informed me that produce labeled “USDA Organic” may only be 70% organic. Rather than spending countless hours researching the validity of this statement or becoming disparaged by our government’s seeming dedication to “middle ground” solutions, I focused on the fact that I am happily & inexpertly growing produce in my rooftop container garden. And I’m in complete control here, so it’s 100% organic, friends, though it’s far from a perfect or large garden by any means. The point is I’m doing my best, keeping it simple, and reaping benefits from my efforts.