Laundry Scents

Laundry is supposed to smell good or what is the point of cleaning your clothes?  But did you know some of the scents used in the traditional big box laundry products are actually toxic?  That means it is time to start making natural laundry products with pleasant scents minus the toxins. Here are some recipes to wash […]

The Doctor Is Magic

I have been seeking out natural replacements free of cancer causing parabens for my personal care products.  Well I am so happy with this amazing bar soap, I had to tell all.  Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps are truly magic.  The smell is like aroma therapy, the feel is clean to the touch and it does not even burn the eyes if you happen to get a bit in there.   The Dr only uses organic oils and ingredients that are fair trade.  The only downside to this soap is the price tag which ranges from a sale price of $2.99 to $5.49 per bar.  It can be obtained for less, but how much less?


Do You Respect Wood?

Do you insist on using coasters?  Do you despise dusting, but do it religiously anyway?  Does your worst nightmare involve water rings on your favorite coffee table?  Do you respect wood? This line of questioning reminds me of an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Clips from that episode are below, but be forewarned that it is rated-R for language.

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In the spirit of respecting wood, here are two GreenUp! tested and approved DIY natural wood care and cleaning solutions.

How To Save Grey Water For Your Garden

I feel as though I waste a good deal of water in the kitchen and bathroom.  This is referred to as grey water, the non-contaminated water leftover from doing the laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning your vegetables and bathing yourself.  Can this water be diverted from going down the drain and used in the garden?  The answer is yes and here are some ways that I have come up with to help you do this

Sea Sponges Help Soak Up The Savings

It has been over a year and a half since I purchased my sea sponge for the kitchen from Saint John’s Sponges at the Farmers Market.  After 6 months of use, I had to broadcast to the world wide web about the joys of using a sea sponge.  I initially thought that $8 was expensive for a sponge so I decided to cut it in half, thinking I would get two full life cycles.  Even after 18+ months my half-sponge is going strong.  So strong, I decided to give the other half to my parents and was surprised to learn that my dad enjoys using it.

Save Water, Plant A Garden

A good friend served in the Peace Corps stationed in Ghana and brought home stories of how little water was available to the village and the time and effort to get one bucket of water.  This was a real eye opener for me and made me more aware of how much water I have been wasting.  Having a garden, I wanted to find ways to use water I may otherwise be wasting.  Here are some tips that I have picked up along the way.

How To Green Your Home For Free, Less = More

I attended the Green City Fair organized by the TreePeople in their adopted park in the hills off Mullholland Dr in Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, there is no public transportation anywhere close to the facility though Tree People has been lobbying the city.  Instead, I drove the shortest distance and parked inside Franklin Canyon Park in northernmost Beverly Hills and hiked about 1.5 miles up and around a little lake and reservoir through a neighborhood of homes with great views all the way to the event.

DIY Earth Day

It is Wednesday and you know what that means, “hump day” great job, you’ve made it more than halfway through the week.  As stated in my Pre-Earth Day post, let’s celebrate the Earth everyday we can.  It should be as simple as picking up some trash and placing in a rubbish or recycling receptacle or as fullfilling as sprouting some of your own organic food.  Monique, Tater and I decided to make our own post Earth Day event and it went a little like this.