The Traffic Triangle

Living in the congested Westside area of Los Angeles over time has changed my perspective on commuting and the use of my car.  It has also shaped my ideals of my own solutions to improve traffic flow in and around my neighborhood.  I live in what I dub thee “Traffic Triangle” because you can only go in three directions, since the glorious Pacific Ocean, our natural free air conditioning, is just due West

I dare you, go North to the Valley on the epic and mind-numbing 405 freeway which is the most heavily travelled highway in the nation

I Bike, Therefore I Am Learning

May is National Bike Month and Los Angeles devoted this week to Bike Week LA where residents are encouraged to ride bikes to work.  A great perk is that anyone with a bike gets free rides on Metro busses and trains for the day to help get passed a rough riding spot, like Sepulveda Pass.  I conduct as much of my day-to-day business and personal errands on the bike.  Like a car, the more you use it, the more moving parts will require your regular attention to assure a safe and trouble free ride.

Learn To Drive Efficiently By Taking The Bus

Last weekend I was in NYC and I’m always jealous of their public transportation system.  The reason I don’t just move there is that I am not too jealous of their weather.  Well, I have ALMOST sworn off driving in LA all together.  While few and far between, there are still times when I need to drive.  This is because LA is set up like a bunch of suburbs and then suburbs of suburbs.  The suburb I happen to live in is very walkable, close to bike lanes/paths as the beach is close by and the nearby bus routes are far reaching and run frequently.  This makes it possible to leave the car at home most of the time.  But if you have no choice but to drive regularly in LA or another city, do yourself a favor and hop on a bus to see a demonstration of how to drive in your city. 

DIY Earth Day

It is Wednesday and you know what that means, “hump day” great job, you’ve made it more than halfway through the week.  As stated in my Pre-Earth Day post, let’s celebrate the Earth everyday we can.  It should be as simple as picking up some trash and placing in a rubbish or recycling receptacle or as fullfilling as sprouting some of your own organic food.  Monique, Tater and I decided to make our own post Earth Day event and it went a little like this.

Meals On (and Off) Wheels

It’s Tuesday, that means it is Meals On Wheels day.  Meals On Wheels is a non-profit organization that provides meal delivery to homebound individuals.  They need volunteers willing to donate their time and car.  The car part is not mandatory to volunteer, as you deliver with a partner, so you can be the co-pilot.  I choose to donate my time and petrol to this organization because I rarely drive my car and what better reason to get behind the wheel than to deliver food to those that have no other easy means of obtaining it?

Get some culture on the bus, 720 edition

I am seeking something of “cultural” nature to do this weekend without my car.  I recall seeing a number of museums along the Metro Rapid 720 bus route and wanted to explore any hidden gems out there with a maximum walk of .5 miles from a bus stop.  Also note that if you are near a Metro 20 bus stop, the following applies as well.

Museums along bus route from West to East:

They Farm-it, you Bus-it! 704 edition

The Metro Rapid 704 starts in Santa Monica traveling on Santa Monica Blvd through West LA, Westwood, Century City, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Silverlake, Echo Park and Downtown directly to Union Station.  Here is a list of Farmers Markets to visit throughout the week with a maximum walk of .6 miles from the bus stop.  Also note that if you live near a Metro 4 bus stop, the following applies as well.