St. Patty’s Day Is Green For All


It’s the “GREENEST” DAY OF THE YEAR”, well let’s make it that way. Why do we have to wait for Earth Day?!

My friend in Grand Forks just told me it was a balmy -2 degrees in North Dakota; no one really minds that kind of weather or maybe they know it’s just how it is there.  I’m here all bundled up in front of my fire in this 50 degree weather.  I guess that is what you call perspective.

To drink Green Beer OR Not to drink Green Beer / Organic Beer?

Guerrilla Composting

I noticed a newly planted avocado tree seedling in the grassy front yard of the apartment building next door.  I am guessing this is the professional work of a neighbor moonlighting as a guerrilla gardener.  Seeing this newly planted tree reminded me that I should contribute something as well in the name of community.  Thanks to the worms living happy and productive lives on my balcony in a Worm Factory 360, I can supply community compost.

Keep Your Worms Cool And Their Food Cooler

Temperature is one of the most important aspects of composting with worms.  Worms like a comfortable temperature between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  A GreenUp! community member tipped me off about freezing your worm’s food before feeding it to them.  Red wiggler composting worms refuse to eat the fresh food in their bin until it develops bacteria and fungi that breaks down the food.  Freezing your worm’s food will speed up this breaking down process, while controlling fruit flies, other insects and killing off their eggs.  Freezing also allows you to save your food scraps for longer before they go sour and smell up the kitchen.  Here are some tips for freezing up an enticing meal for your worms:

Reduce Before You Reuse


Summer is a very special season when families take long vacations together to their favorite places, when families take time to play more (even adults!), and when parents teach their kids all the benefits of eating in the season and maybe even do a bit of gardening together.  I feel like summer is a worldwide celebration of all things green, after all the snow has melted in the mountains, and the rivers are high and some of those May flowers are now producing fruit.  I hope you all will visit your local farmers markets with your children, like I plan to do with my nephews and niece this summer.

Chickens and Compost and Mothers Oh My!

It is never too early for a Mom to teach their child about compostingHAPPY ALMOST MOTHER’S DAY!  Composting Chick here, and I want to send a shout out to all of the wonderful mothers out there.  You know who you are.  Mother’s Day may not seem green, but it is a worldwide celebration of all things Mom, just keep reading you are sure to find lots of green elements. 

My very own Mother has surprised me in how much she loves me.  She has a love for her sons and daughters that is unbelievable and I’m so fortunate to be a part of it.  Here is an email from her when I told her I was starting my own blog about composting (she loves her capital letters, by the way. haha!):

How To Green Your Home For Free, Less = More

I attended the Green City Fair organized by the TreePeople in their adopted park in the hills off Mullholland Dr in Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, there is no public transportation anywhere close to the facility though Tree People has been lobbying the city.  Instead, I drove the shortest distance and parked inside Franklin Canyon Park in northernmost Beverly Hills and hiked about 1.5 miles up and around a little lake and reservoir through a neighborhood of homes with great views all the way to the event.

5 Tips On Worm Composting From A Newbie

This is my second garden ever and I learned a lot from last year’s crop.  I believe that my worm castings as compost is a big part of why my plants are growing so vibrantly this year.  I would like to take this time to thank the worms living in my Worm Factory 360 for over a year now.  Now it is high time I give you more tips to keep your worms happily producing the “black gold” your plants crave.

2012 the Year of the Worm

Since the new year is well underway I wanted to get a move on with my resolution to encourage others to compost.  My first composting experience has been extremely positive using the Worm Factory 360 with a 1/2 pound of red wigglers.  These worms were locally farmed and generously donated by a GreenUp! community member.  The worms have done a great job of eating, multiplying, going number 1 and 2, if you know what I mean.  Taking care of these worms is relatively low maintenance and requires very little space.  You can even leave them for weeks at a time if prepped correctly.