How To Green Your Home For Free, Less = More

I attended the Green City Fair organized by the TreePeople in their adopted park in the hills off Mullholland Dr in Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, there is no public transportation anywhere close to the facility though Tree People has been lobbying the city.  Instead, I drove the shortest distance and parked inside Franklin Canyon Park in northernmost Beverly Hills and hiked about 1.5 miles up and around a little lake and reservoir through a neighborhood of homes with great views all the way to the event.

Get some culture on the bus, 720 edition

I am seeking something of “cultural” nature to do this weekend without my car.  I recall seeing a number of museums along the Metro Rapid 720 bus route and wanted to explore any hidden gems out there with a maximum walk of .5 miles from a bus stop.  Also note that if you are near a Metro 20 bus stop, the following applies as well.

Museums along bus route from West to East:

They Farm-it, you Bus-it! 704 edition

The Metro Rapid 704 starts in Santa Monica traveling on Santa Monica Blvd through West LA, Westwood, Century City, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Silverlake, Echo Park and Downtown directly to Union Station.  Here is a list of Farmers Markets to visit throughout the week with a maximum walk of .6 miles from the bus stop.  Also note that if you live near a Metro 4 bus stop, the following applies as well.


They Farm-it, you Bus-it! 720 edition

Gas prices started 2012 at an all-time nationwide record high and they are still on the rise.  As of January 1st, 2012, $3.66 would buy you a gallon of 87 octane unleaded in California. Coupled with horrible traffic, traffic lights and traffic patterns in the City of Los Angeles, driving almost anywhere at anytime is like flushing fuel and dollars down the toilet.

Since I have been trying to use as little premium unleaded as possible, I walk, ride my bike and take the bus.  Taking the bus allows you to get places quicker than walking and biking in most situations, except in extreme grid-lock traffic.  Riding the bus is another way to experience new farmers markets.  Metro Rapid 720 starts in Santa Monica and travels down Wilshire Blvd through West LA, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Mid LA, Downtown, East LA to Commerce.  Lets see how many Farmers Markets one can visit throughout the week with a maximum walk of .6 miles from the bus stop.  Also note that if you live near a Metro 20 bus stop, the following applies as well.

UZ2 Drive

This past week’s Green Living class was focused on my favorite subject, transportation.  Ever since I was a young’in I have loved cars.  Many pictures showcased me clutching a Matchbox or Hotwheel car.  I had a race car bed and created traffic jams in the entryway of my house with those Matchbox and Hotwheels.  Luckily, no one in my family ever tripped on them while navigating in and out of the front door.

Save that for the worms

Waste was the topic of this weeks Green Living Course (previous course Energy)
Here are some scary factiods:

  • Despite recycling, the average person worldwide generates twice as much trash today as in 1960.
  • There is 6 times more plastic floating in the ocean than plankton.
  • 16,000 plastic bags are used per second worldwide
  • The US has 5% of the world’s population but consumes 30% of the world’s resources and creates 30% of the world’s waste.
  • Californian’s throw away more than 5 million tons of food scraps each yea
  • If everyone on Earth consumed like the average American it would require 3 to 5 planets.

It’s electric!

The second week of the Green Living class focused on Energy.  Water usage was the subject of the previous week’s course.  Here are some of the solutions outlined by the energy section of the course.

Replace incandescent bulbs with more efficient types like Compact Florescent Lights (CFL) or Light Emitting Diode (LED)

  • Lighting accounts for 12% of home energy use
  • CFLs use 1/4 the energy and lasts 10 times longer than standard incandescent
  • LEDs may last 50 to 100 times longer than CFLs
  • According to the EPA if every home replaced just one single incandescent bulb with a CFL, we would save enough electricity to light up three million homes
  • Check out Light Bulb Finder to help determine which types of bulbs are right for you.


Remembering your roots revisited

Yesterday GreenUp! Solutions held a mixer, we called it an “Eat ‘n Greet” and the location was overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica just at the top of the Santa Monica Canyon.  It was a beautiful 70 degree sunny day with a few clouds floating by every once in a while, just in case you were interested.  The purpose of the event was to start building a community of ideas and skills in which we can share and learn to make our life and environment better.