Lettuce Grow It Again

Think of it as recycling only better since you can keep eating fresh food for the price of one.  Buy some organic lettuce, eat the leaves and re-grow the bottoms for more greens.  Here are some crops you can re-grow from cuttings with little effort and a good yield. Lettuce/Bok Choy/Cabbage Celery Onions/Leek/Green Onion Garlic […]

Transplants Welcome

Gardening is all about timing and sometimes luck, but mostly timing.  There is a general schedule of growing that gardeners may choose to follow.  If you are late to any growing season, don’t fret, you can catch up by transplanting seedlings into any garden. Seedlings are young plants grown from seed in small containers.  These […]

The Secret Of My Successive Planting

credit: Mother Earth NewsWhen you have a limited amount of space to farm, you want to make the most out of your designated planting area, containers included.  One way to maximize your alloted space is to integrate some successive planting methods.

Successive planting, also known as succession planting, is a proven way to extend your growing season and yield by spreading out the planting of multiple crops or planting varieties with different maturity times.  Here are some of the most effective successive planting methods:

Kids Garden Starter Kit For All Ages

The other day my hairdresser asked, “Did you know all baby carrots, even organic, are washed in chlorine?” After some research, I found a balanced account of the baby carrot controversy. Bottom line: I’d rather grow my own.

Kids, especially seem attracted to the “baby” in baby carrots. What’s cuter than a bag or day-glow orange stubs? Picking your own carrot from the ground. Without pesticides and factory farming, home-grown carrots are petite and most tasty when picked young.

But even with my community garden and backyard container garden, carrot planting can seem daunting. That’s when I remind myself to start small with one positive action, “You just have to plant a seed”, I say. Literally.