Our Gardens Are Our Families

I remember my mother in the garden. On those hot, heavy east coast summer days, she’d be out in the lilies. Or pulling bittersweet while we capered about, pretending it was some dragon plant trying to capture us. We helped by dumping its hot orange roots over the bluff. Or at home, in Los Angeles, where she grew roses in wooden barrels till they were tall enough to peek into second story windows.

Thank You, Cut And Come Again

If you want to grow-your-own food with little effort I recommend starting with lettuce.  Growing lettuce is a good way to offset your food costs.  Lettuce is easy to grow, making it a great starter crop for adults and kids to learn valuable gardening skills.  Here are some tips on growing lettuce with a goal of a longer harvest period to get the best bang for your buck.

Guerrilla Composting

I noticed a newly planted avocado tree seedling in the grassy front yard of the apartment building next door.  I am guessing this is the professional work of a neighbor moonlighting as a guerrilla gardener.  Seeing this newly planted tree reminded me that I should contribute something as well in the name of community.  Thanks to the worms living happy and productive lives on my balcony in a Worm Factory 360, I can supply community compost.

Join My Sprouting Ponzi Scheme



The grow-your-own movement is really starting to gain steam.  As a new gardener I quickly realized that there is a great deal of time, effort, care and research involved in growing food.  The other side of the equation is personal achievement and the immense health benefits of eating clean and fresh food from your own “farm”-to-table.  It is well worth the effort for the sweet reward.  I can’t really sit here  and preach that everyone must grow their own food.  That would be presumptuous since our time is so precious and not everyone has the means and space to grow a garden.  This is where sprouting comes in.  Sprouting is like the CliffsNotes of growing your own food.  You don’t need any light, it should be done in-doors, you probably have some of the hardware needed to get started and even brown thumbs can do it with a high probability of success.

How To Save Grey Water For Your Garden

I feel as though I waste a good deal of water in the kitchen and bathroom.  This is referred to as grey water, the non-contaminated water leftover from doing the laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning your vegetables and bathing yourself.  Can this water be diverted from going down the drain and used in the garden?  The answer is yes and here are some ways that I have come up with to help you do this

I Am Not Supporting Monsanto Afterall, How About You?

I was at the Co-Opportunity the other day and ran into one of their extremely helpful and friendly staff members concerned about the seeds they sell being owned by Monsanto.  This was in reference to the post about me unknowingly supporting Monsanto because of the seed company I support.  After re-checking my sources and tracking through the genealogy of different seed companies it turns out that Botanical Interests is not owned by Monsanto.  The bad news is that it is still quite confusing and often secretive as the owner of seed companies.  Click the image below to can see the web Monsanto and others have weaved throughout the seed world through the years.  We should ask ourselves how did this happen?

Independence And Liberation Is Growing Your Own Food

Remember when Uncle Sam was concerned with Americans growing their own food and saving money?  That was a long time ago and times sure have changed.  Lately, it seems that Uncle Sam has been hard at work bailing out the “too big to fail” institutions rather than encouraging us to grow our own food, take control of a portion of our food supply and to save money while learning great life skills.  This is where We The People of the globe must mount a campaign to convince our family, friends and community to start growing-your-own food.  I realize that growing food is easier said than done, but there are ways to encourage a positive experience with gratifying result.  Here are some ideas to help with convincing the less enthusiastic: