Laundry Scents

Laundry is supposed to smell good or what is the point of cleaning your clothes?  But did you know some of the scents used in the traditional big box laundry products are actually toxic?  That means it is time to start making natural laundry products with pleasant scents minus the toxins. Here are some recipes to wash […]

Lettuce Grow It Again

Think of it as recycling only better since you can keep eating fresh food for the price of one.  Buy some organic lettuce, eat the leaves and re-grow the bottoms for more greens.  Here are some crops you can re-grow from cuttings with little effort and a good yield. Lettuce/Bok Choy/Cabbage Celery Onions/Leek/Green Onion Garlic […]

Thank You, Cut And Come Again

If you want to grow-your-own food with little effort I recommend starting with lettuce.  Growing lettuce is a good way to offset your food costs.  Lettuce is easy to grow, making it a great starter crop for adults and kids to learn valuable gardening skills.  Here are some tips on growing lettuce with a goal of a longer harvest period to get the best bang for your buck.

Toy Story 1,2,3 to Infinity

Now that Grey Thursday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over with, let’s talk real money savings.  As an aspiring parent, I have to give props to all you out there raising children.  I calculated how much it is to raise a child from birth to 18 and it ranged from $410,000 to $530,000 dependent upon specific factors including location and whether upper education is being paid by the parent.  With food, energy and general living costs on the up-and-up, finding new/old ways to bring down expenses is welcome with open arms.

Shop Small, Help Big

Now I have heard everything.  Apparently some retailers are open on Thanksgiving, calling it Grey Thursday and many are not happy about this unorthodox shopping day.  This year make an effort to avoid the big box stores, crowds and crack-of-dawn shopping excursions so you can take the day off.  I have not shopped on Black Friday for as long as I can remember for the previously mentioned reasons.  What I will wholeheartedly support is Small Business Saturday on November 24th, which is the Saturday after Black Friday after Grey Thursday.

The Doctor Is Magic

I have been seeking out natural replacements free of cancer causing parabens for my personal care products.  Well I am so happy with this amazing bar soap, I had to tell all.  Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps are truly magic.  The smell is like aroma therapy, the feel is clean to the touch and it does not even burn the eyes if you happen to get a bit in there.   The Dr only uses organic oils and ingredients that are fair trade.  The only downside to this soap is the price tag which ranges from a sale price of $2.99 to $5.49 per bar.  It can be obtained for less, but how much less?


Join My Sprouting Ponzi Scheme



The grow-your-own movement is really starting to gain steam.  As a new gardener I quickly realized that there is a great deal of time, effort, care and research involved in growing food.  The other side of the equation is personal achievement and the immense health benefits of eating clean and fresh food from your own “farm”-to-table.  It is well worth the effort for the sweet reward.  I can’t really sit here  and preach that everyone must grow their own food.  That would be presumptuous since our time is so precious and not everyone has the means and space to grow a garden.  This is where sprouting comes in.  Sprouting is like the CliffsNotes of growing your own food.  You don’t need any light, it should be done in-doors, you probably have some of the hardware needed to get started and even brown thumbs can do it with a high probability of success.

Buy Greens, Yellows, And Purples From Farmers Market, Keep Your Budget In The Black

For the benefit of our health and wellness we should all be eating the various colors of the rainbow through our vegetables and fruits.  A great place to acquire your local rainbow is at your farmers market.   Many believe that shopping at farmers markets is always more expensive than at stores with four full permanent walls.  While generally true there are ways to reduce your costs.  Here are some tips to keep your costs down while shopping locally and supporting the smaller farmers.