All Dirt Is Not Created Equal

Gardening in containers has so many advantages: Minimal space needed Little to no weeds Full control over soil composition Portable garden, move to more/less sunny space Less back pain than gardening in the ground Disease doesn’t spread to plants via ground soil Now that you have picked out your container for growing let’s get some […]

Kids Won’t Eat the Darndest Things!

Many parents I know are ready to pull their hair out because their toddlers, who once ate everything, have suddenly become the pickiest of three-to-five year olds. Images of waif-thin, malnourished, underachieving offspring keep so many of us awake at night. So what’s a parent to do? First of all, don’t fret too much as it seems almost every mom I know, and every mom I’ve consulted to cook for, has issued a similar complaint. At least we’re all in the same boat, ladies and gentlemen!

I’d like to rely on the principles of successful software design to issue the following guideline: know your users and creatively design for them. So, mothers and fathers, I encourage you to know your children and creatively cook for them! I’m going to lay out a couple of kiddo eater types. Do any of these resonate with you?

Introducing GreenUp! Guy

I was laid off after 11 years of service at an internet company (in the automotive industry) in Los Angeles.  There was a need for cutbacks and my position was a dollar sign and subsequently cut back.  I relished the job and it was good while it lasted, but I can’t help but feel like I have been evolving for the past few years and finally ready for something new.  What would that something be?

I find myself extremely concerned about the state of the environment.   Even though it is “in” to be green and everybody is driving Prii (read, multiple of Prius),